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Webinar Series Highlights Innovative Solutions to Business-Critical Challenges

Sandy Smith

On August 10, Intelex is launching a quarterly series showcasing the best of Intelex platform innovation.

Recent events have shown that organizations must adapt quickly in order to survive. Strengthening your business continuity muscle by leveraging all the tools at your fingertips is mission critical. To enhance your ability to respond to either internal circumstances or external forces with speed and confidence requires a creative mindset and that your technology be equally up to the task.
Join Ray Kanani, VP Product Management at Intelex, as he takes you on a tour of new and innovative ways the Intelex platform is being used to decrease risk, increase efficiency and productivity, and  infuse flexibility into your EHSQ management programs. From your front row seat, get inspired by some of the latest innovations on the Intelex platform from our customer and partner ecosystem.Get excited about some of the ways that our customers and partners are innovating with Intelex, see the power and agility of our platform. The first Intelex Platform Showcase will feature three cool innovation stories:

  • How and Intelex built an AI-powered PPE detection system that integrates directly with the Intelex platform to increase visibility and optimize compliance actions
  • How Harbor Environmental designed a new Refrigerant Management solution for a client build on the Intelex platform
  • How Aion North tailored our Incident Management solution to deal with the unique requirements of the Australian market


Register and join us on August 10, 2020 at 10 am EST, or watch the archived webinar on our web site after the live presentation.

Register here!

July 30, 2020 @ 05:24 PM EDT Chemical, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage Health & Safety, Operations

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