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Get Connected to EHSQ and Industry Experts

Sandy Smith

A new virtual event series, Expert Connect, will be launching at the end of August. The series is designed to facilitate an engaging dialog exchange by professionals in the EHSQ space to share industry knowledge that they’ve gained through their individual experiences. Each session will discuss a new topic led by an Intelex moderator alongside two panelists, one internal Intelex expert and one industry expert.

The first Expert Connect session is How Microlearning is Revolutionizing Training in the EHSQ Space, Aug. 26, from 9:00-9:45 am EDT. Scott Gaddis, Vice President and Global Practice Leader, Safety and Health, Intelex Technologies, ULC, will facilitate the session, and panelists include Elisa Blasi, Senior Technical Training Specialist, Intelex Technologies, and Gretchen DeJarnett, Global Workplace Safety Metrics and Intelex Technology Specialist, General Motors.

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, organizations have had to modify their training strategy and incorporate methods that work well with the remote working structure. Microlearning, “the ability to deliver training content in short bursts of information,” does just that. By design, it breaks down complex concepts to form digestible ones, ensure that employees have the ability to process the information in a phased manner. By layering in cloud-based technology, it provides learners the flexibility of learning from any location, further helping to meet the challenges of distance learning. This session highlights how tailored and targeted training strategies such as microlearning can help mitigate risk and streamline the transfer of knowledge throughout your organization.

As a starting point, Elisa will provide context by reviewing the definition and benefits of microlearning, followed by how she has been applying it to the training programs at Intelex. The rest of the discussion will be based on the questions selected by attendees with the objective of providing them the most value.

Gretchen, who is the Safety Metrics subject matter expert at General Motors (GM), is a member of their Global Workplace Safety organization. As an Intelex Administrator and Training Lead for the deployment of three Intelex applications, she is has experience in leveraging our software solutions to help meet their business goals. Her experience in occupational safety and industrial hygiene began at the GM world headquarters in Detroit. Since then, she’s worked in many different parts of the organization. Today, she works with a global team to provide support to various levels of the company. Gretchen believes that the best part of her job is meeting people from all over the world and getting the opportunity to help them, and she's eager to speak with attendees and answer their questions..

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August 13, 2020 @ 04:12 PM EDT Automotive, Manufacturing Health & Safety

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